Dragon - Our product is a treasure that only a worthy guardian can protect. Dragons are strong, bold creatures that fear nothing. We want to empower our customers to feel they can conquer anything. Oh, and dragons bring luck so you might get a little luck too.

100% Authentic Flavors - With our customer in mind, we worked tirelessly to find the perfect formula. Our flavors are bold, the taste is unmistakable, and the cloud is unforgettable. Our shisha is made from pure, genuine ingredients. We have created a product like no other. One of the coolest things about our shisha is its potency. Even after the smoke has cleared, the delicious flavor you were smoking lingers on your lips. Lick your lips after smoking our shisha and you’ll relive that taste again and again. .

Smoke Cloud - One of the most important elements of smoking hookah, the smoke cloud defines the sense of release you get from exhaling. Our product is specially made with the smoke cloud in mind. We put time and effort to ensure the cloud you puff out is the biggest and thickest each time.

Hookah - Something we pride ourselves in is how our shisha does not need to be mixed with any flavor. We were tired of going the extra mile finding the right flavors to mix and taking extra steps to prepare multiple shisha flavors. Smoking hookah is meant to be a time to relax and enjoy, the last thing you want is extra work. It was time to develop a product that was good enough to smoke on its own. Our shisha does not need to be mixed with any flavor, just sit and enjoy.

Team - The entire Eternal Smoke team is a family committed to our customer. From headquarters to the tobacco farm, every employee gives 110% to provide you, the customer, with the best product, quality customer service, and an enjoyable smoke session each and every time.

Turkey/Istanbul - The journey began in Istanbul, Turkey. The only city to sit on two continents, Istanbul is full of culture and a tradition of smoking hookah. Here we created the top quality formula we use today in our shisha. Our home away from home, Istanbul, Turkey holds a very special place in our hearts.

Downtown Orlando - We call the skyline of Downtown Orlando, Florida the home of our business. A melting pot of ideas, trends, and cultures, Orlando was the perfect location for us. We have fallen in love with this city and we are excited to be a part of everything it has to offer. We are dedicated to you, the customer, and want to ensure we always give you quality, fresh, and unique shisha.

Infinity Symbol - Our goal is to have an eternal bond with every person that uses our products. We will listen to your feedback and we will always put out really cool, awesome products out as long as you like them. Of course, eternal is also a part of our symbol, the dragon. The smoke a dragon releases may end and disappear but because our product is THAT great, we believe the smoke our dragon releases is eternal.

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